Last year, we began the AcappellaTECH program here at Big Star and by the end of the season, the small but mighty group had evolved into something very special. As with any new program, we learn so many new things and this class was no exception! We have decided to address the need for a true extracurricular youth choir program here in the Valley.

This is an exciting development for many reasons:

First and foremost, the vision of this program is to create cash flow that we can contribute to Encompass NW to support them in the sustainability of their programs.

Secondly, we feel that, while the middle school and high school choral programs within the schools are phenomenally talented, we want to provide an equally amazing program for ALL AGES without the constraints the school district policy puts upon repertoire selection. We will also be able to invest more time in vocal technique development in each young chorister that they might not otherwise get during a 45-minute music specialist period at school.

Finally, we are committed to building out a program that is accessible to a wider socioeconomic demographic. As such, we are restructuring the pricing for this program and allocating a percentage to creating scholarships for talented kids in need of assistance to participate.

All of this depends upon you! The more kids we have involved in the program, the more we are able to contribute to Encompass and the more we are able to contribute to our choir scholarship program! Please help us in spreading the word!

To get involved in the choir and get more information, please email Kristin Tetuán at