Covid Update Summer 2020

Big Star Performing Arts will be following guidelines set forth by Washington State Dept of Heath.

Please see their document here, updated July 22, 2020:

  • Forms will be emailed to parents at the beginning of the week, parents need to fill it out and send with their student each week. This form will ask questions related to Covid-19 symptoms and concerns. This form will need to be signed and turned in to teachers or students will not be allowed to join class or camp.
  • No parents permitted in the building, all students must enter through front door and exit out the back door. Parents will stay in their cars and pick up at the back of the studio.
  • Students temperature will be taken at the door upon entry into the studio.
  • If a parent would like to set up a meeting with a staff member, they may arrange for an appointment, or send an email if it’s a quick question.
  • Students need to wear a mask during class. Teachers will be wearing masks. Here are the state mandated rules we will be following:
  • Upon entry, students will hand the teacher their form that was sent to parents, answering questions about symptoms. Teacher will take attendance electronically in Jackrabbit and make a note that we have received the Covid symptoms form.
  • Upon entry to Big Star, students will place their items in a sanitized cubby. There will be one cubby per student, per class and it will be sanitized between classes.
  • Once student is checked in, students will go straight to the bathroom to wash their hands. • The studio has stickers placed on the floor where the kids stand to stay 6 feet apart. Each student will have a spot.
  • Half way through class, students will wash their hands again or use hand sanitizer. If there is a camp students will stop every 30 minutes for hand washing and/or sanitizer. • During class breaks, students will be staggered to maintain distance for snack time, bathroom use, hand washing, etc.
  • At end of class students will be staggered to collect their belongings from the cubbies. Each student will get a squirt of hand sanitizer and move toward the back garage door for exit into parents’ cars.
  • All pick-ups will happen at the back of the studio. No students will re-enter the lobby, as the next group of student may be waiting there. • All classrooms will be sanitized between classes with different students.