Big Star Performing Arts Studio has something to offer for all ages! From Little Stars Preschool to all our amazing group classes and private lessons there is something for everyone. Our preschool starts at age 2 in our 2/3’s classroom. We also offer a Pre K class for 4 and 5 year olds specifically designed for Kindergarten preparedness. At Big Star Performing Arts we offer group classes for all ages everything from Hip Hop to Musical Theater and beyond! We are conveniently located off of I-90 on Snoqualmie Ridge. Our unique 12-week session model gives our students a stage four times a year, in addition to those performance opportunities, Open Mic Night and Private Student showcases are also available. We would love for you to give us a try. All of our group classes are free for a one time trial and we promise you will be impressed with what you see!

Current Highlights

With the purchase of the new buildings we have more offerings than ever! We are totally remodeling the old Country Junction property in downtown Snoqualmie. Follow us on social media to see the amazing transformation!

Register now for classes for the
2021/2022 School Year!

Registration is now open for the 2021/22 school year. Winter Session starts December 6th! 

Join our award winning competition team

For serious performers who want to take theater, song and dance to the next level. This program runs from September to June, and is an incredible experience for students and families! Auditions are on Saturday May 21, 2022.


From our youngest Preschool Performs to our budding Rock Stars, our group classes promote a positive and enthusiastic environment, tailored for each child to reach their full potential! We offer group classes in the following areas:


At Little Stars Preschool we offer a play-based curriculum embracing the Reggio Emilia Philosophy that meets the needs of every young learner that walks through our door. We focus on the whole child, while supporting language and literacy, social and emotional learning, creative development, as well as physical and cognitive development. We believe that children learn best through play and offer a thoughtfully designed, child-led curriculum that helps to develop skills in math, science, language, literacy, the arts and creative thinking and problem-solving.

Competition Performance Team

Big Star Performing Arts Studio offers serious performers an opportunity to participate in a competitive level program we call CPT. As a member of CPT you will participate in weekly classes, compete in three national competitions and one In House competition, perform in our Fall, Winter and Spring session showcases at other venues during the summer and school year to help promote the programs at Big Star Studios.

Big Star Competition Performance Team is split by both ages and ability levels. This allows for age and skill level appropriate pieces in a more focused setting with additional opportunities for solos, duos, trio’s and small groups. We also have a select group of performers who may be invited into certain select pieces.

There is some travel that is also associated with being a member of CPT. We typically do one competition out of town each season.

This program is an incredible experience for students and families. The growth and bonds students experience from the start of the season in September to the end of the season in June is unmatched in any of our other programs!



At Big Star Performing Arts Studio, you can learn from the very best! Our instructors spend time assessing the needs of each individual and provide a plan to help each student achieve his or her musical goals. All of our teachers are passionate about music and make learning fun!






Guitar/ Ukulele

Acting/ Audition Prep

hip hop


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Big Star is a wonderful place to use as a rental for groups and parties, with a great PA and sound system, stage lights and speakers, a full ballet barre, full wall of mirrors, gymnastic mats, and more! We strive to make all our birthday parties exciting, fun and unique.


With praise and gratitude for Big Star Studios, we put our highest recommendation on Little Stars Preschool. Coming from a family of educators, with three kids who have been benefited from the programs at Big Star, our hearts are always filled with joy seeing our kids smiling ear-to-ear at drop off and pick up. We love how Big Star puts an emphasis on creative learning, learning by doing and discovery, and really plays off students' individual interests and desires which makes learning fun, interesting, and desirable. In addition to the learning and creative atmosphere that we love , the staff at Big Star are always so willing to work with individual family's needs and schedules and have made the preschool experience for our family such a positive one. We are grateful for everyone at Big Star Studios and our kids LOVE the preschool and programs they offer.

Tim and Heather Ireland 
Tim and Heather Ireland

"I am still grinning from ear to ear from the performance today. It was the perfect culmination of hard work and love that Chris put into the entire week for all of our children. I cannot thank your team enough for giving Tessa this experience. As you know, this age is critical for how a person will develop confidence and individuality later in life. What I saw today was a group of children who trusted their teacher, respected one another, and found immeasurable joy in sharing who they are as individuals. So, THANK YOU! This mom is so grateful."

Elizabeth List 
Elizabeth List

​Just a quick note to thank you and Kathy and all of the people at Big Star Studios.  Ally is getting more out of this than we ever thought possible.  She looks forward to performing in front of large groups.  Her work in the Annie performance was amazing for a then 6-year-old.  We love everything she's done since as well and look forward to her and Ryan (who is loving his start at Big Star) performing in Willy Wonka in March

Robert Holmgren 
Robert Holmgren

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what an amazing experience we have had a Big Star.  Our son Zach has absolutely blossomed being a part of your Musical Theater Class.  Before taking classes at Big Star, Zach was very shy and lacked self confidence. We find it absolutely amazing what Kathy has been able to get Zach to do on stage.  Sing, dance and monologues, he is in his element on stage.  Sports were never Zach's 'thing', but with Big Star, he finally feels like he is a part of something special.  He would be there every day if he could!

Shelly Weber 
Shelly Weber

Big Star, Bright Futures. My son has Asperger’s, which means despite the amazing things he can do, relating to other kids his age in social situations can be awkward for him as can trying to find a way to express himself creatively…except for this little game he played on Expert since he was 2 called Rock Band.   If you have ever played an instrument, you understand that giving the gift of music to your children means so much more than a catchy cliché.  Music is a language of its own that allows you to communicate in ways that words cannot.  The money that we would otherwise be spending on action figures and weekend camps is being put towards teaching him this language and giving him a gift that he can pass on to others and his children.  Yes, I also want him to become a rock star.  Big Star Studios, with its cool environment, warm atmosphere, and expert instructors, has given him confidence in his abilities, and inspired him to talk with others about his passions (not to mention convince mom and dad to equip his room with a 5-piece acoustic drum set).  Thanks to music, my son is now on a path that is as amazing to behold as it was hard to imagine he’d ever take.  Give your kid their recommended daily dose of creativity.  Give them the gift of Big Star.

Clint Woon 
Clint Woon