Competition Performance Team

Competition Performance Team is our top tier class at Big Star. Enrollment is by Audition Only. Big Star Performing Arts Studio Competitive Performance Team (CPT)  is split by grade and ability levels: Minis (K-2), Juniors (2-6), Tween (5-7), Seniors (6-12) Elite & Select (Multi-age) and Production (Required Full Team). This allows for age and skill level appropriate pieces in a more focused setting with more opportunities for solos, duos, trios and small groups.



All CPT members are required to commit to at least 4 hours of training at the studio every week. If you are selected for a Select or Elite piece you will be required to train at the studio for at least 5 hours every week. These hours can be achieved easily through the CPT classes, any of our rec classes and any private lessons or Rock Star class. Once your performer is enrolled in all the CPT classes you may need to add a half hour or an hour to add to your students training for CPT. These classes will start the week of September 10th and run through June.


This is a very important part of being on CPT. Attendance is mandatory. While we understand that things do happen – someone gets hurt or sick, family emergencies – we expect that CPT is given high priority. When one person is not there, the entire team suffers. When performers are not in class, they are not progressing in the routine and other students are also not learning the correct routine because formations, vocals and staging are negatively impacted when one person is missing. This requires extra time from our teachers to re teach parts, making sure nothing is out of sync and everyone has the ability to give their very best performance.


We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all kids to explore their potential. To support us in maintaining this vision, we expect parents and kids alike to bring a positive attitude and smile into the studio! Be respectful of your teachers and fellow students who are all there to learn and have a good time. If at any time you have questions or frustrations regarding something you have experienced at Big Star please do not hesitate to contact studio owner/director, Corey Schwarz.


For this to be a successful year we need your trust and support. Your children look to you for validation. Please remind them that they have been placed where we feel is the best fit for them as a performer. As always if you have questions we are here for you. Student/Parent/Teacher conferences are available upon request. It is imperative that conversation stay positive! If you have any concerns about anything involving Big Star please contact Corey directly. Although venting to fellow parents is a natural reaction, in this environment it only promotes gossip. Please help us continue to keep Big Star a positive place for everyone!


Students are expected to arrive at least 1.5 hours before their first scheduled performance (or when the doors open) with hair and makeup complete. You can leave the competition but if you have another performance you need to be back 1.5 hours before your next piece. Competitions are known for running both ahead and behind so please do not have expectations they are running on time. Although it is not required we encourage students to stay and support fellow team members at least on the same day they perform however, it is required for students to stay for their awards ceremony.

Please make sure your performer checks in with Chris or Kathy upon arrival and knows when and where they need to meet prior to heading backstage. There is no excuse for forgetting any costume pieces.

Remember from the moment you step out of your car until the moment drive away you are representing Big Star Studios. Big Star jackets should be worn at all times when you are at a competition unless you are performing.  Jackets need to be worn on stage at all awards ceremonies. Trophies and awards need to be given to a Big Star teacher or representative to be displayed at Big Star Studios with the exception of solo awards may go home with your performer. We want Big Star to be thought of as a kind and respectful studio so please be on your best behavior at all times.

How much does it cost?


Every competitive routine your child is in will require a costume. Once our instructors have picked the costumes for the pieces your child is in, you will be sent the links to purchase these pieces. If you are able to shop it around and save money, that is fine and is left up to your discretion as long as the pieces the instructor has requested are purchased and brought in on the costume due date. In some cases, you will be able to look around on different sites for costume pieces, but there will often be times you will have to purchase exactly what is provided in the costume link that is sent. This is often the case with a Solo, Duo or Trio costume where all the performers are in the exact same thing. There are also some cases where parents may have to reimburse Big Star for costumes that need to be ordered from sites that require studio licensing to order.



Each performer will need the following items in order to participate on the CPT:

  • Team Jacket | $85.00
  • Team T-shirt | $25.00
  • Black Leggings and/or solid black pants (can purchase on your own or through Big Star)



Attendance at competition is mandatory for CPT performers. We will attend three competitions this year PLUS our at home Big Star hosted competition in January. For each competition there will be entry fees assessed by the competition. Each routine you participate in will have a fee attached in order to compete. Below is an estimate of competition fees based on the type of performance. All of these figures are based off the 2018/19 competitive fees.

Type of Performance | Competition Fee per Student:

  • Solo | $135.00
  • Duo | $85.00
  • Trio | $85.00
  • Group | $70.00



2 In House Competitions and 2 Regional Competitions TBD