We at Big Star studios believe that all of our students are stars, waiting to be launched! A large part of our mission and success is rooted in providing performance opportunities for all of our students – from our youngest Preschool Performers to our budding Rock Stars.  Students will train and rehearse, building up to a final, staged performance!

Performance-based programs such as ours not only develop the students’ artistic gifts and talents, but also give them valuable life skills as they develop communication and presentation skills and build their confidence all the while learning and having fun!

little stars


Designed specifically for our youngest stars-to-be, this class allows students the chance to explore music, movement and creativity through a variety of “triple-threat” activities just for them! They will jump into a story, observe all that surrounds them, embrace the characters, and sing and dance them through adventures.



Perfect for the Kindergartner or 1st grader who is interested in a taste of Broadway, this class will take a musical theater piece from beginning to end for performance. Students will learn about characters, blocking, choreography and singing to create a musical masterpiece.

broadway stars



Musical Theatre 1 gives students a taste of putting on a show while developing new skills, exploring their hidden talents, and building their self-confidence. Songs and scenes from one musical will be selected for the class. This is the perfect class for the beginner interested in singing, dancing and acting. We will begin with theatre games and exercises, then move quickly onto character and scene exploration, all the while teaching them the nuts and bolts of the theatre and beyond. There will also be scene work culminating in a final performance. Each student will experiment with costumes, props, blocking and choreography culminating in their final performance.



Musical Theatre 2 inspires the older student to focus on characterization, dialogue, vocals, choreography and on-stage skills. This class is for the student who wants to take the skills previously learned that much closer to becoming a “triple threat”. Depending on the skill level, students will have the opportunity for solo as well as ensemble work. Each student will experiment with costumes, props, blocking and choreography culminating in their final performance.



An audition-only class, this class is for all students who have shown both the talent and the drive to perform at the amateur if not the professional level. Students interested in this class are ready to take the next step and begin preparing for auditioning around the greater Seattle area. The class will involve scene work, solo and ensemble work, choreography and culminate in a final performance of material chosen by the instructor. Students will be given material early on with the expectation that they will practice at home and with each other between classes. Each student will walk away from this class with a dramatic and comedic monologue, a ballad and an up tempo song, head shot and resume. Head shots are included with the cost of the class.  This is a great opportunity for our advanced musical theatre performers.

This class does have a one time materials fee of $40.00



Dance is an integral part of the musical theatre world, with most theatrical productions requiring performers to be “triple threats” (actors, singers and dancers). As such, Big Star Studios is pleased to announce a new choreography spotlight series! This class focuses, at a deeper level, on the movement, choreography and music of musical theatre. Shining a spotlight on key Broadway dance personalities of our theme, this class is sure to be exhilarating and fun, giving your child experience not only with singing, but with using dance to move a story forward. Sure to be fun and a crowd pleaser, this is NOT a dance technique class, but will build on dance skills students have gained in other venues.