At Little Stars Preschool, we offer a play-based curriculum in our two classrooms to meet the needs of every young learner that walks through the door. We focus on the whole child, while supporting language and literacy, social and emotional learning, creative development, as well as physical and cognitive development. We believe that children learn best through play and offer a thoughtfully-designed, child-led curriculum that helps to develop skills that support math, science, literacy, the arts and creative thinking skills.

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We now offer a 2/3’s classroom and 4/5’s classroom, run by four incredibly caring and skilled educators. The 2/3’s classroom creates hands on experiences for the young learner to explore their environment and includes all aspects of learning while incorporating fun and play. The 4/5’s classroom is a Pre-K focused curriculum developed to prepare kids for Kindergarten. This classroom will foster a multi sensory approach that will prepare the whole child for mathematics, science, handwriting, literacy and creative thinking skills.



Both classrooms will focus on the following in an age-appropriate classroom setting:

  • Social & Emotional Development: When children join Little Stars Preschool they will learn to share materials, to play and learn together, and enjoy being a part of a group. Children have a natural desire for independence and we foster this by providing many opportunites to demonstrate these growing skills. Everything from putting on coats and shoes to sitting in circle time to learning to wait their turn. Children who feel free to make mistakes and to explore and experiment will also feel free to invent, create and find new ways of doing things. Consistency is very important and having a routine that supports this in the classroom is key to the success and positive development of the whole child.
  • Physical Education & Development: Children of all ages enhance the development of their large and small muscles by doing activities such as running, jumping, climbing, bouncing, balancing and throwing balls. At Little Stars we are lucky to have a wonderful huge indoor space that is transformed each day into an indoor playground. We are very thoughtful with our indoor space creating activities that the kids find engaging and fun. The kids get in high-energy fitness and work on coordination and cooperation in a recess environment. We do make sure to incorporate out door time with bubbles, chalk, nature walks and many coordinated field trips with the kids throughout the year as the weather permits.
  • Language & Literacy Development: Children will expand their language and literacy skills each day with circle time, listening to books, singing songs, working in activity centers, letter of the week, dramatic play, handwriting and many large and small group activities. Children will be encouraged to work together and communicate with one another to help broaden their vocabularies and expand their social skills.
  • Music & Creative Development: The young learners at Little Stars will be exposed to music, singing, dancing, theater and instruments. We have a full staff of wonderfully gifted music and theater instructors that are thrilled to teach the preschool students each week. In December, March and June the kids will have to opportunity to perform in the Big Star Studios performance on stage at the big theater. The kids learn a new routine every twelve weeks that focuses on singing, acting and dancing then bring it to life on the real stage. The children love this opportunity and it is a ton of fun for parents and grandparents alike!


When you introduce your child to learning through a special arts-integrated program at Little Stars Preschool you will see the difference! Arts-based learning emphasizes creativity, imagination, exploration, and active participation. Music and the arts add depth to fundamental concepts, reinforcing comprehension and memory.


  • The calendar: days of the week & months of the year
  • Seasons: science & weather units
  • Colors & shapes
  • Numbers, patterns, & sequence
  • The alphabet: letter of the week, pre-writing, & capital letters


  • Counting & 1-to-1 correspondence
  • Social skill development
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Pre-reading skills & age appropriate literature
  • Cultures & social context
  • Visual & performing arts

2’s/3’s sample daily schedule:


9:00-9:15 Welcome Circle Time: welcome song, calendar, charting the weather, etc.
9:15 – 10:30 Open Studio Time: Rotating activities including art, drama, sensory play, motor activities, felt board, tactile play and more.
10:30 – 10:45 Gross motor play in our large studio including ribbons, balls, climbing, etc


10:45 – 11:00 Directed dance and movement
11:05 – 11: 20 Snack and Story Time
11:20 – 11:50 Self-directed play
11:50 – 12:00 Pack up and Circle Time Goodbyes that will include clean up/pack up routine, goodbye song and short circle time.

4’s/5’s sample daily schedule:


9:00-9:10 Arrival & Welcome Time
9:10-9:30 Circle Time: welcome song, calendar, charting the weather, letter of the week, etc.
9:20-10:30 Learning Activity Centers including teacher-led art table, sensory and tactile exploration stations, sorting and pattern activity centers, math and science activity centers, easels for independent art exploration, reading centers, etc.
10:30-10:50 Snack Time & Clean Up

10:50-11:15 Circle Time: story and songs, sharing, letter of the week, question of the day
 Large Group Activity & Learning: science experiements, handwriting, letter games

11:30-12:00 Indoor & Outdoor Gross Motor Play: songs and dancing, balls, bubbles and chalk, riding toys, gymnastics mats and barre, organized group play
12:00 End of day routine that includes pack up and goodbyes


students will benefit from:

  • Multi-week units of core curriculum developed by two certified teachers on staff.
  • Traditional preschool activities such as circle time, free play and outdoor play.
  • High-quality, arts-based learning activities with professional Teaching Artists on staff.
  • Learning responsibility and cooperation by working with peers.


September: All about me, Fall, Leaves & Apples
October: Spiders, Pumpkins, Scarecrows & Halloween
November: Turkeys, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims & Native Americans, Corn
December: Holidays & Winter
January: New Year, Polar Animals, Snowmen, Weather
February: Groundhogs Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, 100th Day!
March: Spring, Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Bugs
April: Easter, Earth Day, Planting/Gardening, Birds
May: May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Butterflies
June: Father’s Day, Summer, Marine Animals



September – June following Snoqualmie Valley School District Schedule.

# of days | tuition:

  • 1 | $195
  • 2 | $295
  • 3 | $385
  • 4 | $465
  • 5 | $535

Add on our Optional Enrichment Day once a week!
Tuesday 12pm – 3pm -OR- Wednesday 12pm – 3pm
Three hours of enrichment with three different instructors!
• 12pm – 2pm Lunch, Music, Theater and Hip Hop
• 2pm – 3pm Arts & Literature

Remote Preschool Option:
Includes one 3 hour outdoor preschool day, 2 Zoom classes every week and a weekly take home Play & Learn Preschool Kit for preschoolers to learn at home! Cost is $295/month.


School year runs September – June following Snoqualmie Valley School District schedule. Children must be 2 years old and working toward potty-training.  A $100 registration fee is due upon enrollment. Remaining monthly payments will begin in September and are due on the 1st of the month through June. Optional Afternoon Enrichment open to 2 to 5 year olds and includes three hours of socialization, arts & crafts, music, dance and theater with three of our talented teachers.

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