2023-24 School Year Classes

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Monday Classes

3:00-4:00pm    CPT Hip Hop Extra Work
4:00-5:00pm    Hip Hop 1 (2nd grade & up)
5:00-6:00pm    Hip Hop 2 (4th grade &up)
6:00-7:00pm    CPT Hip Hop Group 1 (Yellow)
7:00-8:00pm    CPT Combined (Green)
8:00-9:00pm    CPT Hip Hop Group 2 (Blue)
8:30-9:00pm    CPT Hip Hop Extra Work

Tuesday Classes

Wednesday Classes

Thursday Classes

Friday & Saturday Classes


1:00-6:00pm    CPT Extra Work


9:00-10:00am   Intro to MT: Magic of Disney (Pre-K – 1st)
10:00am-4:00pm    CPT Extra Work