Heidi Rothman

When we first made the decision to join CPT, I did so with the belief that this studio was a positive environment that would help my daughter grow. However, truth be told, I was taking your word on that and was slightly apprehensive going into this first competition weekend that behind the scenes negativity might appear in the competitive environment. Who is going to present that side of things when asking people to join their program, right? I can now say that is not even the remotest fear any longer and that you all, this program and the culture you have created has exceeded my expectations.

The moment of truth appeared right out the gate as my daughter struggled in her first performance. I know she is a resilient and amazing human being, but that was a moment that could change the trajectory of many things as she walks off stage to the reactions of her teammates, teachers and mentors.  What I witnessed was absolutely everything. Everyone, absolutely everyone, wrapped their arms around my girl and supported her. Loudly, boldly and without a moment of hesitation.  What could have been devastating, turned into a positive connection and growth moment, especially as the day continued.  It wasn't brushed aside and ignored, it was celebrated as she successfully moved through the next performances. That was true of not only each of you, but her "Big Sis" was right by her side supporting her too. The other moms were also super supportive for me as were all of your staff, as I worried about my daughter in those moments. That, as well, is a testament to the culture you have created within your studio.

Sunday afternoon as we enjoyed our last moments on our little girls weekend, I asked her "When you look back on this weekend, what will you most remember?  What was your favorite part?" She didn't have to think for very long.  She said  "How much everyone supported me when I forgot my words." It brought tears to my eyes, I'm not gonna lie. We are here initially because of my daughter’s passion for singing and acting, but it isn't my job or my goal to create a star, even if it is hers. My job is to create environments and situations that help her find and grow into the best version of herself. I appreciate every one of you for contributing positively to that environment. I have no doubt now that she is in the right place and I am so very grateful.

I've spent 20+ years on sidelines and bleachers cheering on sporting events from little league to state wrestling competitions (and all the hours of ER visits along the way lol.)  As I move from bleachers to cushioned theatre seats and backstage dressing rooms for the first time in parenthood, I cannot adequately express how immensely grateful I am to take this new journey with you all supporting my daughter and I. You are all very special and what you are doing matters.  The environment and culture you are creating matters.  And it all has a tremendous impact on those lucky enough to find you and to be involved.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are and everything you are doing.